What I Made Monday: Volume One

As much as I’d like to blog about all of these fabulous original recipes I’m making every week, it just ain’t happening. I’m just not that creative these days and my current kitchen lacks natural light (which I hate!) so my pictures look HORRIBLE!

I do cook – almost every night, mostly from recipes I find on Pinterest. Then last night it hit me! Why not just blog about the food I’m making from recipes on Pinterest? Kinda like those adorable guys over at The Bitten Word do with recipes from magazines.

Since I see a whole lot of blogs with the series ‘What I Ate Wednesday’, why not start ‘What I Made Monday’, so here it goes…

I’ve kind of gotten into this groove of spending a few hours on Sunday cooking 3 or 4 dishes which freeze nicely or will get us through the week. This past Sunday was extra special; it was one of those dreary rainy fall days which seemed perfect for some quality kitchen time.

First I made this Potato and Zucchini Frittata from The Food Network.


I repinned it from someone I follow and knew it was a ‘must make soon’ recipe and not one of those ‘maybe make someday’ one. I happened to have (almost) all of the ingredients on hand so I dove right in. Super easy to make, my only substitution was the cheese. With no queso fresca on had (and quite frankly not too easy to find here in Kalamazoo) I settled for shredded cheddar which was fabulous. I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t reheat well or the eggs would get chewy, but I can say that I had it for breakfast this morning and it was neither. I’m thinking that this may become a regular in the kitchen as I can make it to use up any veggies from the week before.

While that was cooking, I decided to roast some sweet potatoes. Why I’ve never done this before, I don’t know! I got the idea from Emily at Daily Garnish in her post from the other day. The plan is to have them on hand as a side for lunches and dinners this week. I will definitely be making these again because it was so easy – I peeled and cubed two sweet potatoes, tossed them with a few generous swirls of olive oil, sprinkled them with salt and spread them evenly on a foiled lined baking sheet. Those babies cooked in the over at 400 degrees for a little over an hour.

Next up was the Creamy Butternut Squash Tian with Herbed Bread Crumbs from The Kitchn

Source: thekitchn.com via Cheri on Pinterest


The jury is still out on this one. It turned out beautifully and tasted wonderful. The problem? Preparing the Butternut Squash. Dear lord, that was horrible. Next time I’m surely YouTubing a video on how to do it. I successfully used a vegetable peeler but my goodness, there has to be an easier way. The recipe also wasn’t clear on what was meant by slicing. I cut the Butternut Squash into small cubes but quickly realized it probably should have been thin slices. I finally pulled out the hand masher and worked it like that. As for the rice, I only had Basmati, but it did the trick. I also skimped on the bread crumbs using generic ones from the grocery store and doctoring them up with with some dry herbs. While this recipe deserves and A+ in the taste department it’s only downfall was the prep work. *IF* I do make it again, I will double batch it because it doesn’t make a whole lot.

So that’s Volume One of What I Made Monday, hope to see you next week!

Summer Vacation

I’ve been away.

To Miami.

On a cruise.

Where I laid out.

And drank some beer in Key West.

And ate a bunch of yummy food.

Which I took no pictures of.

Now it’s back to reality.

And work.

And laundry.

But I promise to share more later.


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